Cecilia Spiik

Cecilia primarily works as a project manager in a wide range of areas. Her main focus is that the project is completed on time and on target. With her broad experience from the commerce, IT, and hospitality sectors, Cecilia often has the main administrative responsibility for the project and ensures its on-time delivery. One of Cecilia's many talents is her ability to quickly spot and determine what needs to be taken care of. This talent is the reason she is usually in charge of managing the entire project.

During her time in the IT industry, Cecilia has earned the reputation of being able to quickly immerse herself in new projects and organizations. She has predominately worked in projects as a project manager but occasionally as a participant. Her assignments have lasted anywhere from a few months to several years.

As Cecilia has successfully completed several assignments for governmental organizations she has a deep and broad understanding of what is required of a project leader to satisfy both the client and the project participants in a government organizations.

Through her extensive experience in foreign countries Cecilia has learned how to meet, negotiate and do business with people from different cultures.

Cecilia started her career in IT in 1999 when she was responsible for network documentation for a governmental authority, and although she has had several forays into other business areas, Cecilia has always returned to IT.

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