Audit and Reviews

Using a white box approach, we examine the design of your solutions and implementations to find potential weaknesses and areas for improvements.

We firmly believe that white box reviews are the most sensible approach, exposing flaws and design errors at the earliest level.

A typical review consists of interviews of key personnel, assessment of current policies, procedures and documentation, followed by a practical analysis phase. The results from the investigation of each of the areas are analyzed and documented as a triple (observations, risks and detailed recommendations), finally root causes is determined and a report with a management summary is produced.


Partners to us

  • AB StoredSafeCreators of a true enterprise grade password vault, with full audit trail and no master passwords.
  • Emineregroup LLCBusiness Advisor pertaining to Identifying and Managing IT Risks.
  • Init ABThe work of Init focuses on technical ability in the field of modern system development.
  • ROMABSecurity and Network Consultants.

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