Peter Norin

Peter has over twenty years of industry experience as a Security and system administrator. He has acquired a profound knowledge of perimeter security solutions through long-term engagements in sophisticated customer environments regarding multiple and redundant solutions for customers in Europe and the United States.

Peter's skillful approach, background knowledge, and experience have led to him being considered one of the foremost skilled security professionals regarding network security.

Peter has additionally deep expertise in network infrastructure and advanced network design, advanced routing (BGP), IDS/IPS et al. He has designed and implemented various network perimeter security solutions and performed numerous security audits in both Europe and the United States.

  • Phone:
  • +46 73 311 7380
  • PGP Key Fingerprint:
  • CA1F B8CF 9E72 8B39 B845
  • 65AD F786 C2A1 3682 938B
  • VCARD in QR code: