Oscar Mattsson

Oscar is a very talented full-stack developer who with his broad and deep expertise in the field always contributes with elegant solutions even in complex environments.

With his humble, easy-going and service-oriented personality, Oscar makes it easy to get in touch with everyone around him, customers staff, colleagues and suppliers.

Oscar is a much appreciated as well as team member and developer. He handles everything in the field, from client to server side. He has a very good view of what needs to be done and works independently and solution-oriented with development throughout the technical field.

  • Oscar Mattsson'S CV:
  • Swedish
  • (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  • Phone:
  • +46 8 5000 2140
  • PGP Key Fingerprint:
  • AA92 2925 C3FF 39E7 ACA1
  • 30A2 AEB6 2CB2 B367 792C
  • VCARD in QR code: