Robbin Afverberg

Robbin works primarily within the technology field and has in-depth knowledge of IP based networks and mobile units. His prime focus is mobility but he's also well versed in construction, maintenance and support management of large, nationwide networks.

As Robbin is easy-going and service minded, he works well with both customers, service providers and co-workers. Within his specialities he is often the preferred person for users to take their problems to.

Robbin has a comprehensive background in IT, primarily within IT infrastructure where he recently was a leading implementer in one of Sweden's largest WAN/LAN networks. He played a key role in the implementation and was instrumental to the completion of the project and the maintenance of thousands of connected mobile units.

He has also been involved in and been essential to the development and implementation of system solutions for VPN, firewalls, Mobile Device Management (MDM) for phones and tablets and wireless networks.

Robbin has practical experience and in-depth knowledge of the extended infrastructure platform of one of Sweden's largest governmental authorities as well as an array of large cooperative projects between several of Sweden's largest authorities.

Robbin is a highly valued problem solver when it comes to network clients, network servers, as well as mobile units and their servers. He has a good eye for what needs to be done and works independently with development within the field of information technology.

  • Phone:
  • +46 8 5000 2140 (ext 2345)
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  • 4096R/0AF1B6EA
  • 2014-04-24
  • Robbin Afverberg
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  • 542D EE37 9A8F 4B27 01E0
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