XPD AB provides you with a comprehensive selection of services across a wide variety of IT security related areas.

Examples of areas where XPD can support organizations are:

  • IT-Security
    • Lead training or lecture in the field of IT security
    • Establish basic IT-security levels for IT systems
    • Assist or lead the implemention of IPv6
    • Assist or lead the implemention of DNSSEC
    • Assist or lead the implemention of DMARC, DANE, SPF, DKIM or BIMI
    • Development of checklists and instructions for system hardening and secure configurations
    • Project management for IT security projects
    • Evaluation of MDM solutions
    • Evaluation of cryptographic solutions
    • Review of various solutions in connection with evaluation
    • Review of individual applications and their functions
    • Evaluation of external services and functions
    • Serve as the organization's IT Security Architect
    • If necessary, be able to be substitute as IT Security Manager (CISO)
  • Information Security
    • Lead training or lecture in the field of information security
    • Assisting when revising or updating an information security policy compliant with ISO 27000
    • Assisting when revising or updating information security guidelines and information security regulations compliant with ISO 27000
    • Conduct risk analysis
    • Conduct information classification (AIC/CIA triad) and security requirements analysis
    • Assisting the development or implementation of training and information measures in order to create and raise safety awareness
    • If necessary, be able to be substitute for information security manager in his/her absence
  • Architecture
    • Support in the evaluation and development of IT security architecture
  • Audit/Review
    • Perform security audits of systems and functions in operation in a knowledge-enhancing way for the business
    • Review and verify solutions / systems before commissioning / in conjunction with operational handover so that they meet set security requirements
    • Leads work according to decided action plan after security review
    • Quality assurance and follow-up of the action plan
  • Procurement
    • Develop security requirements for procurement in accordance with LOU
    • Carry out evaluation of documentation when procuring against set requirements

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