Davor Lukic

With more than thirty years in the industry, Davor has encountered and solved most of the problems an IT-intensive business can face and always solves problems where others have given up. A structured approach with ongoing documentation in combination with his preference for mathematics, bases for well-thought-out alternative approaches and long-term sustainable solutions to customers' problems.

He has solid experience of complex and transaction-intensive environments with high security requirements in most industries.

Advanced knowledge of several programming languages, high- as well as low-level, from Java, C, C ++, C # and Assembler to scripting, with an understanding of the network stack's disposition of applications, middleware, operating systems and transport paths, which is often a prerequisite for design development of robust systems with high safety requirements, but also creates the right conditions for efficient testing and troubleshooting in mission-critical systems.

  • Phone:
  • +46 8 5000 2140
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  • 4F75 D8ED F87A C613 E72A
  • EDDF 8E1A BA5F 365E DFDE
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