About us

XPD AB has since its start in 2002, grown to tripple the working force since the start. XPD AB has its corporate headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

XPD is a vendor neutral and independent security consulting firm with a customer base in banking, financial industries, military industries, nuclear industries, government offices, government agencies, hospitals, internet service providers and applications service providers in Europe and the US.

XPD is a pre-qualified supplier to the nuclear industry and is annually certified by the joint qualification system Sellihca.

Partners to us

  • AB StoredSafeCreators of a true enterprise grade password vault, with full audit trail and no master passwords.
  • Emineregroup LLCBusiness Advisor pertaining to Identifying and Managing IT Risks.
  • WME Konsult ABoffers senior consultancy services in several areas, primarily within telecom and mobility, but also through the large network established over the years, able to convey consultants within virtually all IT sectors.
  • Mobimake ABoffers senior consultancy services individual assignments where there is a demand for expert competence.
  • B3IT Init ABThe work of Init focuses on technical ability in the field of modern system development.
  • ROMABConsulting company focusing on information and IT security.

Contact us

  • XPD AB
  • EU VAT-ID: SE556596249401
  • Phone: +46 (0)8 5000 2140
  • Phone: +1 (717) 204-0010